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The California Greek Picnic is an annual event tailored around the historical Divine Nine Greek letter organizations, in a jam packed weekend of entertaining activities created to enhance unity, networking, community involvement and service. This event provides Greek letter organizations, undergraduates, graduates and their families with the opportunity to network with other like-minded college educated students from across the nation. 
This annual weekend of events is powered by a team of Greek letter members who are driven community leaders working towards bringing Greek letter organizations together to empower our community, highlighting the positive side of Greek life and utilizing the large number of attendees to make a progressive impact on the local community.
The California Greek Picnic also provides individuals with a vacation getaway weekend in sunny Los Angeles, allowing you to enjoy Greek life as well as all of the amazing sites Los Angeles has to offer.

We look to continue growing and enhance the California Greek Picnic experience, becoming a resourceful outlet for any greek letter organization member who is looking to reunite with members, build lasting relationships and make an impact on the local youth in our community.
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